1. Grammar

1.1. Task 1 Unit 1 Grade 7

Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or future simple size of the verbs (Complete the following sentences. Use simple present & simple future tenses for verbs)

Guide lớn answer

first. Ngoc loves cartoons, but she says she will not continue/ won’t continue this hobby in the future. (Ngoc likes cartoons, but she said she won’t continue that hobby in the future.)

2. They usually take a lot of beautiful photos. (They usually take a lot of good pictures.)

3. What does your brother do in his free time? (What does your brother vị in his spare time.)

4. I think 10 years from now more people will enjoy gardening. (I think that in 10 years people will enjoy gardening.)

5. Do you do morning exercise every day? (Do you exercise every morning?)

6. Will you still play badminton next year? (Will you still play badminton next year?)

1.2. Task 2 Unit 1 Grade 7

The table below shows the results of Nick’s survey on his classmates’ hobbies. Read the table và complete his report using the present simple (The table below shows the results of Nick’s survey of classmates’ interests. Read the table và complete Nick’s report, using the present simple)


Guide to lớn answer

(first) likes

(2) watch

(3) don’t love

(4) go

(5) enjoy

(6) play

(7) plays

(8) doesn’t like

(9) plays


Nick’s report

I asked my classmates about their hobbies và I got some interesting results. People love sầu to watch TV và they watch it every day. Three friends, Nam, Son and Binh, don’t like swimming, but two girls, Ly và Hue, go swimming 3 times a week. Most of them lượt thích to play badminton. Nam, Son, & Hue play badminton every day, & Ly plays sports 4 times a week. Only Binch doesn’t like badminton, he never plays.

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1.3. Task 3 Unit 1 grade 7

a. Work in groups. Think of some activities & make a table lượt thích the table in 2. One student in the group asks the other group members about the frequency they vì these activities while another student in the group records the answers (Work in groups. Think of several activities (such as listening to lớn music, playing basketball, shopping) và make a table lượt thích the one in part 2. One student in the group asks the group members how often they do it. where they vì chưng these activities while other students in the group record their answers)

Ask five sầu students: Dat, Phuc, Truong, Hien, Truc

Guide lớn answer


b. Now, as a group, write a short report about what you have sầu found out. Use Nick’s report in 2 as an example (Now make a short group report on what you’ve noticed. Use Nick’s report in Lesson 2 as an example.)

We asked some classmates about their hobbies và I got some interesting results. Everybody likes suft the Internet & they vì it every day. The two boys, Phuc and Truong and a girl, Truc don’t love sầu reading books. The two girls Hien, Truc love sầu going shopping, they do it every day while a boy, Dat never go shopping. Phuc goes shopping once a week. Truong goes shopping twice a week. Hien reads book once a week.


We asked a few classmates about their hobbies and we got some interesting results. People love khổng lồ surf và they surf every day. Phuc’s two boyfriends, Truong and his girlfriover, Truc don’t lượt thích reading books. Two girlfriends Hien và Truc are crazy about shopping, they go shopping every day, but when Dat never goes. Phuc goes shopping once a week. School goes shopping twice a week. Hien reads books once a week.

1.4. Task 4 Unit 1 grade 7

Complete the sentences, using the -ing form of the verbs in the box (Complete the sentences, using the V-ing form of the verb in the box)


Guide to answer

first. My dad enjoys riding his xe đạp to work.

(My dad likes to ride his xe đạp khổng lồ work.)

2. My mum doesn’t lượt thích watching films on TV. She loves going lớn the cinema.

(My mother doesn’t like watching movies on TV. She likes going khổng lồ the cinema.)

3. I like talking khổng lồ my friends in my miễn phí time.

(I like chatting with friends in my không tính tiền time.)

4. My younger brother loves playing monopoly with me every evening.

(My brother likes to play billionaire chess with me every evening.)

5. They hate eating noodles. They prefer rice.

(They hate eating noodles. They prefer rice.)

6. Does your grandma enjoy walking?

(Does your grandmother lượt thích lớn go for a walk?)

1.5. Task 5 Unit 1 grade 7

Look at the pictures & write sentences. Use suitable verbs od liking or not liking và the -ing form (Look at the picture và write sentences. Use the appropriate verbs about like và dislượt thích, V-ing form)


Guide to answer

first. He doesn’t like eating táo khuyết. (He doesn’t like apples.)

2. They love playing table tennis. (They like to lớn play tennis.)

3. She hates playing the piano. (She hates playing the piano.)

4. He enjoys gardening. (He loves gardening.)

5. She likes dancing. (She loves khổng lồ dance.)

1.6. Task 6 Unit 1 grade 7

What does each thành viên in your family lượt thích or not like doing? Write the sentences What does each member of your family like or dislike? Write sentences.

Guide khổng lồ answer

first. My father likes reading newspaper. (My father likes to read newspapers.)

2. My father hates go shopping. (My dad hates shopping.)

3. My mother enjoys cooking. (My mother loves to cook.)

4. My mother doesn’t like cleaning. (My mother doesn’t lượt thích cleaning.)

5. My younger brother loves playing computer games. (My brother likes lớn play video games.)

6. My younger brother doesn’t like playing soccer. (My brother doesn’t lượt thích to play soccer.)

2. Practice Task 1

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct verb khung

first. Nam’s friends often (give) hyên ổn stamps from other countries.

2. My sister (practise) the guitar twice a week.

3. I (see) a film this Sunday evening. (you/go) with me?

4. They (give) a tiệc ngọt next week.

5. The members of the stamp collectors’ club (meet) at the library next Friday.

6. (you/b) miễn phí next Sunday.

7. We (live) near Nam’s house, but we (not see) hlặng very often.

8. Don’t worry. I (go) fishing with you next Saturday morning.

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3. Practice Task 2

Complete the questions, using the verbs from the box in the correct khung.

vày go listen eat

first. your father like roông xã music?

2. your parents like on holiday?

3. you enjoy ice-cream?

4. your friends hate their homework?

4. Conclusion

Through this lesson, you need lớn nhận xét three basic grammar points

Đánh Giá The Present Simpleđánh giá The Future SimpleVerbs of liking + V-ing

1. Đánh Giá The Present Simple (Present simple tense)

S (plural) + V

Do + S + V?

S + don’t + DRAW

S (singular) + Vs/es

Does + S + V?

S + doesn’t + DRAW

Usage: used to lớn describe habits, preferences, obvious facts that cannot be changed, thoughts, feelings of the speaker at that timeSigns: always, usually, sometimes, never, once/twice/… a week/ month/ year; …

2. nhận xét The Future Simple (Future Tense)

S + will + V

S + won’t + DRAW

Will + S + V?

Usage: prediction, the speaker’s opinion about an event happening in the future; make requests, suggestions, invitations; decide when khổng lồ speak; a promise or a threat; …Signs: tomorrow, next + time: next week/ month/ year; next 2021 → ….; next Monday/Tuesday …; someday, soon, tonight, …

3. Verbs of liking + V-ing

After verbs of love và hate: like, hate, love, dislike, enjoy, … I will use V-ing