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I apologized ........................ the book at home page.

Bạn đang xem: Why won't you apologize?

A. for leaving

B. khổng lồ leaving

C. leaving

D. khổng lồ leave



1. Almost everytoàn thân ____ by the time we arrived.

A. have sầu been leaving B. had left C. was leaving D. have sầu left

I apologized ........................ the book at trang chính.

A. leaving

B. khổng lồ leave

C. for leaving

D. to lớn leaving


Relative clause replaced by participle và infinitive


Exercise 1. Choose the best answer.

1. The woman _______next door is a famous singer .

A. lives B. who live sầu C. living D. that living

2. The house ______ in the storm has now been rebuilt .

A. destroyed B. destroying C. which destroyed D. that is destroyed

3. The man ______ at the blackboard is our teacher .

A. stood B. stands C. standing D. khổng lồ stand

4. Tom was the last ______the classroom yesterday .

A. to lớn leave B. leaving C. left D. leaves

5. Lindomain authority was the last student ______ at the oral exam .

A. lớn be asked B. asking C. asks D. to lớn ask

6. The bridge _____ by French architects is very nice.

A. was designed B. designing C. to kiến thiết D. designed

7. The man is my teacher . I am grateful lớn hlặng .

A. The man whom I grateful lớn hlặng is my teacher . C. The man is my teacher who I am grateful .

B. The man whom I am grateful to lớn is my teacher D. The man to lớn hyên ổn I am grateful is my teacher .

8. Ngoc is friendly . We are talking about her .

A. Ngoc , we are talking about , is friendly . C. Ngoc , about her we are talking , is friendly .

B. Ngoc, whom we are talking about is friendly D. Ngoc , about whom we are talking, is friendly

9. A pilot is a person who flies an aircraft .

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A. A person who called a pilot flies an aircraft . B. A person that flies an aircraft is called a pilot .